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Solar Jars


During the day it stores solar energy

Green high-tech technology in a traditional mason jar.

The principle of this solar light is as simple and fun as it is ingenious: The Consol Solar Jar stores energy during the day and releases light at night. Producing light in this way is fun, sustainable and makes it easy to do your bit for the environment. And the Consol Solar Jar will light up the dark for years to come. The Consol Solar Jar contains four solar-powered LEDs, which are charged by solar cells in its lid. When placed in direct sunlight the batteries are charged and provide many hours of soft, yet bright lighting without glare.

The Consol Solar Jar is ideal for garden lighting, decorating your table and other areas, barbecues, camping, alfresco dining and all other outdoor pursuits that would benefit from beautiful lighting to create a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere.  The Consol Solar Jar is a safe, sustainable and attractive alternative light supply, making it easier to go green one ray of sunshine at a time.

The principle of the Consol Solar Jars is simple and seductively clever: solar-powered LED lights are safely housed in a 1-litre Consol Classic jar, which stores energy during the day when placed in sunlight and releases light at night. The sustainability of this product is enhanced as the glass jars are 100% recyclable and on average each Consol Glass container consists of 35% recycled content. The Consol Solar Jars is perfect for when the lights go out, for patio dining, or romantic dinners, camping, in fact, any outdoor activity that needs soft, safe lighting.

it lights up the night.

When it gets dark, you can turn on the Consol Solar Jarâ„¢ using its unique magnetic switch. The four solar-powered LED lights give off a beautiful light. A light bright enough for reading!  Personalise your Consol Solar Jarâ„¢ any way you like. Fill it with fruit, sand, dried flowers, shells, pebbles… There are endless possibilities. Just use your imagination.

The Consol Solar Jar has won a number of awards, including:

  • Special Recognition: Institute of Packaging, SA Gold Pack Awards, 2011
  • Finalist: Most Beautiful Object in South Africa (MBOISA), Design Indaba, 2012
  • Runner Up: Eskom Energy Efficiency Lighting Design Competition, 2012
  • Winner: Best South African Household Product, Fair Lady magazine, 2012
  • Winner: Best Small Electrical Appliance, Fair Lady magazine, 2012

To view the ENCA interview, conducted on 05 November 2014, about the Consol Solar Jarâ„¢ as an alternative light source during power outages, please click here.

Not just the jar, the production is, too.

The Consol Solar Jar is a genuine high-tech product from South Africa. It was originally developed for people in areas without electricity. The production of the Consol Solar Jar has created jobs for over 50 previously unemployed men and women from the townships Alexandra and Soweto. It’s handmade, which ensures the highest quality as well as durability.  In South Africa, the Consol Solar Jar has become a real cult item. It saves energy, is environmentally friendly and fun. Now, the Consol Solar Jar is available globally to give us a taste of real South African joie de vivre.


  • Special Recognition: Institute of Packaging, SA Gold Pack Awards, 2011
  • Finalist: Most Beautiful Object in South Africa (MBOISA), Design Indaba, 2012
  • Runner Up: Eskom Energy Efficiency Lighting Design Competition, 2012
  • Winner: Best South African Household Product, Fair Lady magazine, 2012
  • Winner: Best Small Electrical Appliance, Fair Lady magazine, 2012

The history of the Solar jar is taken from www.Suntoy.co.za



We are not sure which came first, the Sun Jar or the Consol Solar Jar.  Based on the awards the Consol Solar Jar has received, these are all dated 2011 – 2012.  Wikipedia tells us that in 2006 Donald Tobias (Tobi) Wong collaborated with London-based product design company SUCK UK to launch his environmentally conscious “Sun Jar”  We can only assume the Sun Jar came first.


Here’s more about the Sun Jar:

At night your Sun Jar lights up automatically. In the day leave your Sun Jar outside – or in a sunny window for several hours to charge. Made with a traditional Mason Jar. Inside the jar is a highly efficient solar cell, rechargeable battery and LED lamp. When the jar is placed in sunlight, the solar cell creates an electrical current that charges the battery over the course of the day. This energy is then used at night to power the LED lamp inside the jar. The light emitted is diffused by the frosted jar and gives the appearance of sunlight. Sun Jars work best outdoors in DIRECT sunshine!

Mason Jars are beautiful and – by their very nature – watertight, so the Sun Jar can happily be left outside in any weather conditions. A perfect garden light or nightlight for a child’s bedroom. You may have noticed that there is no switch on the Sun Jar – in fact there are no visible controls at all. A light sensor inside the jar automatically activates the lights when it gets dark (or the lights are turned out!). There is an override switch inside the lid to turn off the light at night if you prefer.

  • Make the most of your Sun Jar

    Automatic switch on
    The Sun Jar has a built-in light sensor, and switches on and off automatically when it gets dark or light. The Sun Jar MUST be in the dark to light up.

    The battery needs sun to fully charge, and your Sun Jar may need charging before its first use. Leave outside or in a sunny window in DIRECT SUNLIGHT. It will require several hours and, in overcast conditions, we recommend charging for a few days.

    Manual Switch Off
    If you do not want your Sun Jar to light up when it gets dark, set the switch to “Charge” mode. This will conserve battery life and charge the battery at the same time: lift the metal lever to release the lid and set to “Charge”. The Sun Jar will continue to charge in “Auto” mode.

    Bad weather is bad news for Sun Jars! You may find that in winter, or during cloudy weather, your Sun Jar illuminates for less time than usual, flickers, or does not light up. In times of prolonged bad weather (when there is not enough natural sun to charge your Sun Jar) you can remove the battery and charge it in a normal battery charger.

    Replace The Battery
    Rechargeable batteries have a long, but not indefinite, life. After many charges, the battery may lose its ability to store energy.

    Open the Sun Jar and lift out the rubber insert and solar panel. The battery is under the solar panel, replace with a standard AA rechargeable battery. Never use a non-rechargeable battery in your Sun Jar.

    Water Resistance
    Kilner Jars have a watertight seal, so your Sun Jar can be left outside in wet weather. After a long time outside, condensation may build up inside, this will not damage the Sun Jar. To remove any moisture build-up, open the lid and ease out the inner workings, empty out the water and replace the inner.