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Consol Solar Jar art -  http://solarglassart.co.za/

We came across this web site where a lady name Joyce is using solar jars to make art.  It’s amazing what can be done when using a little imagination.

Joyce’s Story

I started doing “arty things” when I was working as a Radiographer. My colleagues were going to all sorts of creative classes and I loved what they were doing,  so I tagged along with them and was hooked. After I retired, I started doing material painting, pottery and decorative art glass which I did for friends.

Then I started getting orders.

My husband and I discovered Consol Solar Jars when we visited the Consol Shop and he suggested that I use the jars to colour as the LED lights inside would show off the beautiful colours.

And that is my story.

The Consol Solar Jar is manufactured by Consol Glass, the largest glass manufacturer in Africa and is assembled by Suntoy.  It is a solar light with a solar panel embedded in the lid of a Consol Classic preserve jar.  By using the same method for colouring my pots, I have coloured the glass jars with muted colours that glow when the LEDs inside the lid are on. The solar panel is charged by placing the Consol Solar Jar in the sun and, if fully powered, it will provide light for approximately six hours. They are eco-friendly and require no electricity and may be used in or outdoors.

Joyce’s artistry allows the Consol Solar Jar to become a decorative item for colour themed events. They are great festive season gifts.  Please note: Each glass-art item is handmade and individually created. Small colour differences may be encountered as each mix is unique.  Prices for the Jars are South African Rands 280 (US$ 25)

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